776 Summer Street

South Boston, MA

15 acres

Adaptive Re-Use Mixed-Use Development

Redgate and Hilco Redevelopment Partners formed a joint venture to acquire the former 15-acre Edison Power Plant site at 776 Summer Street in South Boston, Massachusetts. The team, led by Redgate, is master planning and permitting the newly named L Street Station Redevelopment to create a mixed-use, community-based environment with a broad mix of adaptive re-use and new build totaling approximately 2.1M SF.

The vision for the future of L Street Station is to transform this presently inaccessible a piece of the City into a vibrant and connected extension of the South Boston neighborhood. Among the array of envisioned activities and amenities, L Street would offer the community waterfront access, open spaces, and gathering areas to connect with friends and neighbors. The new development will activate this under utlitied portion of South Boston with new housing, dedicated retail and hospitality, two commercial buildings, and space for the arts and be anchored by the preservation of Edison’s century-old turbine halls that speaks to the neighborhood’s rich cultural history.

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