About Redgate

Redgate is a strategic real estate investment, development, project management and advisory firm headquartered in Boston and with offices in Baltimore.

We believe that every real estate endeavor is unique and deserves a highly-tailored approach managed with interpersonal precision. Intensely focused on delivering returns as defined by our clients and investors, Redgate ensures that they receive the right return on real estate for them – purpose-built approaches that adhere to a common vision, are managed thoughtfully in real-time and delight in both experience and outcomes.

We listen to our clients, collectively develop a strategy, and follow with a crafted delivery method to satisfy every client. We design clear communication protocols from the moment of engagement to facilitate dialogues and foster and mobilize consensus. We deliver a financially feasible strategy and an implementable plan for each client we serve, reducing risk and extracting the best value.

With a business model reflecting the many aspects of the dynamic real estate world – from early strategic asset analysis to project management to investment for and with our clients – our professionals live an owner and occupier mind set which uniquely benefits every client.

We mitigate risk and create value by leveraging market knowledge, expertise, and ongoing value management. Our track record includes successfully delivering over 25 million SF across projects ranging from $1M – $1.2B+ in project value for a diverse client base.