Codman Square Health Center

Project management oversight for various enabling projects

Location: Boston, MA

Codman Square Health Center, situated in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, is a vital community-based outpatient healthcare center dedicated to delivering comprehensive care to some of Boston’s most vulnerable residents. Beyond healthcare provision, Codman Square is a community organization renowned for its unwavering commitment to outreach and diverse programming.

As a Federally Qualified Health Center, Codman Square receives crucial funding to support its primary care services. The remarkable success of the health center has prompted a thorough analysis of its current space utilization, growth potential, and the imperative expansion of its campus, located at 637 Washington Street.

To spearhead this transformative effort, Codman enlisted Redgate to oversee project renovations and strategic moves within owned and leased buildings on the existing campus. Our role extended to conducting a thorough space utilization analysis to optimize the health center’s primary and specialty care services delivery. These services encompass internal medicine, family medicine, urgent care, radiology, and phlebotomy.

The overarching objective is to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Codman Square Health Center, ensuring it can identify the highest and best use of its facilities. This meticulous approach sets the stage for the planned addition to the main health center at 637 Washington Street in 2023, further solidifying Codman Square Health Center’s commitment to providing top-tier healthcare to its community.

Services Rendered

  • Project Management