James Holland Jr.

Fun Fact

James has an older stepbrother, also named James, who has the same initials as him, “JAH.”

Project Manager

As a Project Manager, James is responsible for managing the project teams’ day-to-day operations, design development, vendor selection, budget and schedule management, monthly requisitions, construction administration, and coordination of owner vendors and third-party consultants.

James works with corporate, institutional, and investor clients. He is currently working with Zipcar, Transformations Care Network, Pharvaris, and Toyota Research Institute. Previously, James has worked with Cambridge Consultants, Dartmouth College Computer Engineering and Computer Science Move Management, MIT’s Volpe Redevelopment, Harvard Graduate School of Design’s Gund Hall Façade Upgrade, and the conversion of a 288,000 SF office building into a Class A life science building on behalf of Redgate. Prior to joining Redgate, James was a Preconstruction Business Administrator for The Middlesex Corporation.

James has proven himself to be an adept leader who can carefully steer and manage large, complex projects with significant project teams. His self-drive and collaborative approach to projects no doubt comes from his experience as an All-American Running Back, 3x Patriot League Champion, and D1 Student-Athlete – accolades he earned while studying at Colgate University.