2023 Year in Review: Alex Dubanowitz, Redgate

What person, project, transaction, or market trend had the greatest impact on your industry this year? 

The evolution of return-to-office policies and workplace strategy models continues to impact tenants, landlords and all those involved in office transactions. In the corporate services space, we must find nimble, innovative solutions to accommodate companies’ ever-evolving space needs and deliver convenient, flexible, and highly-ammenitized office space critical to attracting and retaining top talent.

How has your career path changed in 2023?

With lease deals becoming more challenging due to uncertainty around tenant space needs, moves less driven by lease expiration dates, and changes in supply-and-demand dynamics, I have taken on an expanded leadership role with clients at the early stages of projects. Clients turn to Redgate as a trusted partner to help define their requirements and ensure they can mitigate risk and deliver high-quality projects from concept to completion.

What emerging trends will drive investment and development in 2024?

As people continue to realize the value of collaboration, innovation, mentorship and camaraderie garnered from in-person work, I think we’ll see a continued rise in return to office and as a result, increased demand for office-market development.

This article was initially published on the New England Real Estate Journal website.